I’ve sometimes noticed that people lash out whenever their own insecurities bubble up to the surface. Be it fear, their sense of perception or guilt; something triggers their ability to hear slights in every comment.

There is usually a point where the pent-up insecurities leave the annals of the individual’s mind and begins to pervade their daily interactions. Every criticism is amplified and every misunderstanding reads as rancor.

Its never a result of their own mental state, but the lack of consideration from others. Other people slight them, ignore them, deny them of their needs but their mangled sense of self is lost on them.

Its not really their fault alone (their treatment by others didn’t help), though the inability to cope with their past mistakes just feeds the loop. The inability to cope with mistakes is the root of the issue - that goes for both their mistakes and those of others.

Everyone makes mistakes.

Everyone gets angry.

Everyone has insecurities.

However, not everything is about you. 

Nothing is ever about one individual. 

You must have met that mistake at least halfway.

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    Understandably true. Very well written.
  2. tmihijabi said: You could have wrote this about me. I have a horrible tendency to make everything about me, and I can be such a huge victim sometimes. :( but alhamdulillah, at least I can recognise it most of the time now.
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